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The Willing Captive
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Download pdf Willing Captive DOWNLOAD EBOOK PDF KINDLE

Her uneventful existence takes a sudden turn when she finds herself kidnapped from her own home by masked commandos and blindfolded in the back of a van. Frightened, angry, confused, Lily soon discovers that her abduction might not have been an abduction at all and that the very people who took her from the safety of her family home might be the only people capable of protecting her.

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Nox is a man with no real identity, a ghost. An ex-Army man who went missing in action, he is now part of a covert team that specialises in the protection and elimination of human targets. When he accepted the job of protecting Lily from an unidentified threat, he never imagined he would find himself with a little firecracker on his hands, one who is not only outspoken, but also impossible to control. Their dynamic is unconventional to say the least, Lily being everything but a compliant ward. She fights him at every turn, angry for being kept in the dark about her immediate future, but ultimately her behaviour being a reflection of her pent-up frustration for the life she has not had control over for a very long time.

Nox has the patience of a saint and every iota of it is exercised on this latest mission. They inevitably start falling for one another, the seclusion of their location and considerable time spent around each other only accelerating this process. Their chemistry is palpable, intense, but their growing feelings for each other are a delight to observe. We watch Nox show such gentleness towards Lily, a man who could kill another with his bare hands becoming the epitome of a gentlemen behind closed doors, and it is a sight to behold.

He becomes finely attuned to the woman he has fallen for, his arms becoming her emotional shield and his love acting as the catalyst that shows Lily everything that she has missed out on in life and that there is a difference between living and existing. Where was the pirate taking her—and what would happen next? My mistress is proud and bid me answer you in her own words.

She is angry because she was forced to come aboard your ship. I shall leave her to her own devices for a few days and then we shall see. He spoke to his first officer and then left the bridge. The Spanish woman was proud and ill tempered. When he first saw her she had taken his breath with her exotic beauty. Donna Maribel Sanchez was proud, cold and disdainful, as were most of her kind. Clearly she considered no one but herself and was furious at finding herself a captive.

Her maid was concerned for her and would bear the brunt of her sickness if she fell ill. She deserved to be taught a lesson and yet he had seen spirit in her, something fine and lovely. He would not have her become sickly from lack of fresh air. Outside her cabin door, he paused and then knocked.

However, my men are not wicked rogues. They were driven to mutiny by a cruel master and must now earn their living by roaming the seas in search of rich merchant ships to plunder. Some men in my position would have taken the ship as well as the cargo and hung or marooned those who would not join us. She was forced to acknowledge that he spoke the truth.

When he spoke softly to her, she found herself drawn to him against her will, but she was not ready to admit defeat. We take what we need, but we do not harm innocent women and children; men are given the chance to surrender and join us or go on their way. Your maidservant has not been harmed and you may walk safely on our decks.

I give you my word that not one member of my crew will lay a finger on you. She gasped and stepped back, her eyes widening as if she thought he would repeat the punishing kiss he had given her before. You must come to me of your own free will…as you may one day. She suddenly saw him bending over her as she lay in silken sheets, his mouth soft and loose with desire, his breath warm on her face, and her throat closed as she was pierced with desire. She gripped her hands at her sides, controlling her feelings, as she had been taught from childhood.

A high-born lady did not allow herself to be seduced by a pirate, despite his undoubted charm. It was a picture too shocking to be contemplated. Turning away, she used anger to hide her confusion.

Review: Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

This was madness! She was beginning to like him and she must not. I shall never come to you in that way. If you stay here in your cabin you may become ill and we have no time to spare for nursing a sick woman. I shall not force you to come up, but if you are not sensible I may have to persuade you. Justin moved in closer, towering over her. We shall soon reach a secluded cove on the island of Mallorca, where I mean to go ashore and replenish our water supplies before we set sail for Cyprus.

His words banished the foolish thoughts, making her angry once more. No, I shall not go with you, sir. You promised you would ransom me to my family! How dare you take me to Cyprus? I demand to be returned to Spain! You would not go so gladly to your wedding if you knew what manner of men they were, believe me. She looked at him with an unconscious appeal in her eyes. Could she trust him? If he spoke the truth, it seemed her father had betrayed her. She had never felt more alone in her life.

I would not have expected him to live long enough to take a bride. If you lie with him, he will infect you with some foul disease—a disease that will cause you great suffering, perhaps even your death. Justin moved in closer.

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I would not see you break your heart. Perhaps the future holds more than you might think. Maribel looked up at him. Something about him then made her long to trust him. For some foolish reason she wanted to go to his arms, lay her head against his shoulder and weep, but pride made her raise her head once more. She was so alone and he seemed to offer comfort, yet how could she trust a pirate?

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Think yourself fortunate that I have much to do on deck. He went out, letting the cabin door close behind him with a bang. Maribel caught her breath—she knew that she had pushed him hard.

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If he lost patience with her, he could make her very sorry for daring to challenge him.