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DOUBLE YOU.Because i'm loving you.mid

Dance Diary. The perfect Christmas gift for the dedicated Irish Dancer. Hold Up! The perfect stocking stuffer! Tour Ireland - Summer Got Luck? Add a little luck and sparkle to your dancer's stocking with…. Riverdance Summer School. In many of the stories related in the Mahabharata , apsaras appear in important supporting roles.

Dancing Glass Angel - The Museum Shop of The Art Institute of Chicago

The epic contains several lists of the principal Apsaras, which lists are not always identical. Here is one such list, together with a description of how the celestial dancers appeared to the residents and guests at the court of the gods:. Ghritachi and Menaka and Rambha and Purvachitti and Swayamprabha and Urvashi and Misrakeshi and Dandagauri and Varuthini and Gopali and Sahajanya and Kumbhayoni and Prajagara and Chitrasena and Chitralekha and Saha and Madhuraswana, these and others by thousands, possessed of eyes like lotus leaves, who were employed in enticing the hearts of persons practising rigid austerities, danced there.

And possessing slim waists and fair large hips, they began to perform various evolutions, shaking their deep bosoms, and casting their glances around, and exhibiting other attractive attitudes capable of stealing the hearts and resolutions and minds of the spectators. The Mahabharata documents the exploits of individual apsaras, such as Tilottama , who rescued the world from the rampaging asura brothers Sunda and Upasunda , and Urvashi , who attempted to seduce the hero Arjuna. A story type or theme appearing over and over again in the Mahabharata is that of an apsara sent to distract a sage or spiritual master from his ascetic practices.

One story embodying this theme is that recounted by the epic heroine Shakuntala to explain her own parentage. Deciding that the sage would have to be distracted from his penances, he sent the apsara Menaka to work her charms. Menaka trembled at the thought of angering such a powerful ascetic, but she obeyed the god's order. As she approached Viswamitra , the wind god Vayu tore away her garments.

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Seeing her thus disrobed, the sage abandoned himself to lust. Nymph and sage engaged in sex for some time, during which Viswamitra's asceticism was put on hold. As a consequence, Menaka gave birth to a daughter, whom she abandoned on the banks of a river. That daughter was Shakuntala herself, the narrator of the story. Apsaras represent an important motif in the stone bas-reliefs of the Angkorian temples in Cambodia 8th—13th centuries AD , however all female images are not considered to be apsaras.

In harmony with the Indian association of dance with apsaras, Khmer female figures that are dancing or are poised to dance are considered apsaras ; female figures, depicted individually or in groups, who are standing still and facing forward in the manner of temple guardians or custodians are called devatas.

The bas-reliefs of Angkorian temples has become an inspiration of Khmer classical dance.

An indigenous ballet-like performance art of Cambodia, is frequently called " Apsara Dance ". The dance was created by the Royal Ballet of Cambodia in the midth century under the patronage of Queen Sisowath Kossamak of Cambodia. The role of the apsara is played by a woman, wearing tight-fitting traditional dress with gilded jewelries and headress modelled after Angkor bas-reliefs, [8] whose graceful, sinuous gestures are codified to narrate classical myths or religious stories.

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The bidadaris are heavenly maidens, [10] living in the svargaloka or in celestial palace of Indra , described in Balinese dedari bidadari or apsara dance. They are well known for their special task: being sent to earth by Indra to seduce ascetics who by their severe practices may become more powerful than the gods. This theme occurs frequently in Javanese traditions, including the Kakawin Arjunawiwaha , written by mpu Kanwa in during the reign of king Airlangga. The story tells that Arjuna , in order to defeat the giant Niwatakawaca, engaged in meditation and asceticism, whereupon Indra sent apsaras to seduce him.

Arjuna, however, managed to conquer his lust and then to win the ultimate weapons from the gods to defeat the giant.

973 angel devil dancing stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Later in the Javanese tradition the apsara was also called Hapsari , also known as Widodari from sanskrit word v idhyadhari , vidhya : knowledge, dharya : having, bearer, or bringer , and finally known as Bidadari in the modern Malay language surviving in both Indonesian [10] and Malaysian [11] standards.

The Javanese Hindu-Buddhist tradition also influenced Bali. In Balinese dance the theme of celestial maidens often occurred. Dances such as Sanghyang Dedari and Legong depicted divine maidens in their own way. In the court of Mataram Sultanate the tradition of depicting heavenly maidens in dances still alive and well.

She always made you feel special and was always there for you. She noticed if something was off, she listened and talked to you about everything.

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You could go to her for anything. It was always about the girls and putting them first.

After making a hour cross-country trip from Jacksonville, Fla. We met with Stacy and she asked Gracie to put her shoes on and see what she had. She watched and came and sat next to me and she had this expression on her face… She said to me that Gracie needed to be on the varsity team.

It just really answered our prayers because we knew that this would get Gracie a place to eat lunch and make friends. She just went into her office and started pulling stuff out of the closet: eyelashes, earrings, costumes… Immediately, Stacy made the accommodation because she loves her students that much. That gave me a place, that gave me friends.

I fell in love with her immediately. Gracie graduated from Cedar Park High School over the summer as a captain of the dance team.

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I tried out and made it and danced for her for four years of high school. I served as an officer for my junior and senior year so I feel really lucky that I was able to have that time with her. We grew a really strong connection, she was always my favorite teacher. She also introduced me to the Rangerette program during the start of my college career at Kilgore, which she had been a part of. Once I made Rangerettes, we also had that bond together.