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Similarly, Gardendale, Alabama was originally named "Jugtown" due to the jug and churn factory around which the town originally grew. Hettie Thomason Cargo, a local school teacher, proposed the name change in after being embarrassed to admit she was from "Jugtown" at a regional teachers meeting. The town voted to rename itself Gardendale; unlike Oleta, the name stuck.

Quibbletown, New Jersey , also known as New Market, is an unincorporated settlement within the township of Piscataway. The name of the settlement originated with a dispute as to whether the Sabbath was on Saturday or Sunday. It gets its name from the founder of the town, A. Taylor was nicknamed "Rough and Ready" and was later elected president of the United States. Bell End , Worcestershire , is situated approximately 3 kilometres south-east of Hagley on the A , north of Bromsgrove and close to Kidderminster , Stourbridge and Halesowen.

It lies in the local government district of Bromsgrove. Roanoke, Virginia was first established as the town of Big Lick in and was named for a large outcropping of salt that drew wildlife to the site near the Roanoke River. The deer used to lick up the salt, hence the name Big Lick. Corn Exchange, Lesotho is a town in Lesotho named after a corn exchange.

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Boring, Oregon is named after William H. Boring , who settled in the area in the s. Boring's town motto is "The most exciting place to live" and it has taken on the similarly named Dull, Scotland as its sister city. Also in New South Wales, there lies a town named Orange , which was founded in Orange, California, in turn, is also a sister city with Orange in Vaucluse, France. Franklin County, Massachusetts, includes a town called Orange.

The county of Essex in southeastern England is home to the village of Ugley , and in the county of Hertfordshire , the hamlet of Nasty , which are only a few miles apart.

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A number of settlements have names that are offensive or humorous in other languages, such as Fucking, Austria. Similarly, when they hear of the French town of Condom , English speakers will likely associate it with condoms , a form of barrier contraception. In modern Norwegian the word helvete means "hell", while the Norwegian word hell can mean "luck".

One can also cite the mountain named Wank in Bavaria, Germany, which in German derives from Middle High German wanken , which means "to stagger". Dildo is a Canadian town , and off the coast there is a Dildo Island. There are also Cockermouth , Penistone , and Pett Bottom , the latter of which is located 5 miles south of Canterbury , Kent.

According to the novels of Ian Fleming , James Bond lived there with his aunt after his parents died.

PDF Condoom in de regen (Dutch Edition)

Other areas sometimes arguably immaturely considered humorous are Butts County, Georgia and Middelfart. There are surprisingly many places called Salsipuedes "get out if you can" in several Spanish-speaking countries Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. Some place names are deemed to be offensive or unacceptable, often through historic semantic changes in what is tolerated.

An example of this would be the once common English street name Gropecunt Lane , whose etymology is a historical use of the street by prostitutes to ply their trade. During the Middle Ages the word cunt may often have been considered merely vulgar, having been in common use in its anatomical sense since at least the 13th century. Its steady disappearance from the English vernacular may have been the result of a gradual cleaning-up of the name; Gropecunt Lane in 13th century Wells became Grope Lane, and then in the 19th century, Grove Lane.

Matamoros Moor killer however remains a common place name, surname and even the name of several businesses in Spanish-speaking countries. A number of placenames in the United States and Canada historically used the word " nigger ", a derogatory term for black people. Over the course of the 20th century, many of these place names were changed because of the racist connotations of the word.

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Likewise there is pressure to remove the word " squaw " from place names, a traditional term for a Native American woman now considered derogatory. Sometimes settlement names are changed as a publicity stunt or to promote tourism. Kindai University in Osaka , Japan changed its English-language name from Kinki University pronounced kinky in , which, in the English language, has a provocative meaning.

The change was globally reported, though since its founding in , the original name was not a problem within Japan. However, with the dramatic globalization of Japanese universities in recent decades, including the presence of hundreds of foreign students, staff, faculty and visiting scholars on campus, the leadership of the university made the change in , after deciding to do so in Now a sparsely populated and no longer incorporated community, Pine Ridge is home to a Lum and Abner museum. Truth or Consequences , New Mexico changed its name from Hot Springs in , after the host of the television show Truth or Consequences promised free publicity to any town willing to change its name to that of the show.

In , the town of Halfway, Oregon changed its name to Half. Saint Augusta , Minnesota was for a short time named Ventura , Minnesota after the then-governor Jesse Ventura whose ring name was in turn named after the city of Ventura , California to draw attention in avoiding annexation by the nearby city of Saint Cloud.

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Accessible parking, Bicycle rental additional charge , Electric vehicle charging station, Street parking. We really appreciated the Heating because it there have been some cold days. Me and my husband remained at the Aparthotel Delden for only 2 nights and it was quite satisfying to be there. Koffers Trolleys Alle Koffers.

Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets

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Search for:. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Condoom in de regen Dutch Edition Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. In het nieuws. Foto: Colourbox Metro. Pijltje Pijltje. Schiphol waarschuwt voor enorme drukte en wachtrijen. Ruim honderd 'gele hesjes' opgepakt in Parijs. Pepperspray in eigen ogen en ongemakkelijke eerste straatpatrouilles. Pijnlijk wel die pepperspray, vond ook Louanne. Foutje gezien? Mail ons. We zijn je dankbaar.

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