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Short story for kids illustrated by Roxana Calman
  1. Get Kids Excited to Become Big Brothers and Big Sisters
  2. Baby Brother Surprise | Stories for Kids | Bedtime Stories
  3. A Big Brother in Training

Will they be jealous of the new baby? How can we help them get along?

Get Kids Excited to Become Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Knowing what to expect from each age group will make it easier to handle the changes in your family. Children of this age will not understand much about what it means to have a new brother or sister. However, let your child hear you talk about the "new baby" and feel your excitement. She may not understand why you are excited, but your attitude will rub off on her and she will feel excited too.

Keep in mind, you may not be able to satisfy the needs of both children all the time—especially not by yourself.

Written by Jade Maitre

If you feel overwhelmed, look to your partner, other relatives, and friends for support and an extra set of arms. Look at picture books about a new baby. At the very least, your child will become familiar with words like "sister," "brother," and "new baby.

Baby Brother Surprise | Stories for Kids | Bedtime Stories

When the new baby arrives, try to do something special for your older child. At this age, your child is still very attached to you and does not yet understand how to share you with others. Your child also may be very sensitive to change and may feel threatened by the idea of a new family member.

This Big Sister Covers Her Baby Brother In Peanut Butter and the Results Are Adorable - GH

Here are some suggestions that may help ease your preschooler into being a big brother or big sister. Wait a while before telling your preschooler about the baby. Explain it to your child when you start buying nursery furniture or baby clothes or if he starts asking about mom's growing "stomach. So can sibling classes ask your hospital if it offers them.

A Big Brother in Training

Try to tell your child before he hears about the new baby from someone else. Be honest. Explain that the baby will be cute and cuddly but will also cry and take a lot of your time and attention. Also, make sure that your older child knows that it may be a while before he can play with the new baby. Reassure your child that you will love him just as much after the baby is born as you do now.

Involve your preschooler in planning for the baby.

This will make him less jealous. Let him shop with you for baby items. Show him his own baby pictures. If you are going to use some of his old baby things, let him play with them a bit before you get them ready for the new baby. Buy your child boy or girl a doll so he can take care of "his" baby. Time major changes in your child's routine. If you can, finish toilet training or switching from a crib to a bed before the baby arrives.

If that is not possible, put them off until after the baby is settled in at home. Otherwise, your child may feel overwhelmed by trying to learn new things on top of all the changes caused by the new baby. Expect your child to regress a little. For example, your toilet-trained child might suddenly start having "accidents," or he might want to take a bottle. This is normal and is your older child's way of making sure he still has your love and attention.

Instead of telling him to act his age, let him have the attention he needs. Praise him when he acts more grown-up. Prepare your child for when you are in the hospital. He may be confused when you leave for the hospital. Explain that you will be back with the new baby in a few days. Set aside special time for your older child. Read, play games, listen to music, or simply talk together.

Show him that you love him and want to do things with him. Also, make him feel a part of things by having him cuddle next to you when you feed the baby. This will help him feel special and not left out of all the excitement. Give them an important job so they can help out with taking care of the baby. Maybe they always hand you a diaper when their little sibling needs a change or they get to pick between two outfits for the baby to wear. Give Them a Gift from Baby When you first introduce your child to their new sibling, consider giving them a gift from the baby.

Even a card from you and the baby will make the day special for you older child while the baby might be getting more attention.

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