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Anything But Plane Sailing by Bryden Mossop

Learn how we spend less on necessities, and more on unnecessaries. Finally, we will share our tips and tricks that we discover along the way why learn from your mistakes, when you can learn from ours? We hope to inform, amuse, and inspire our readers — travellers and sedentary folk alike.

How a Boat-Plane Hybrid Shattered the Sound Barrier of Sailing

Follow us as we lead with our hearts and stomachs, wherever they may take us. But apparently this is one of the times of the year when they are protected by law against having gunshot fired into their poor little necks and somewhere in a pheasant's psyche there is a calculator telling them that it is safe in May to walk confident and proud.

A likely tale. I'd like someone to go back and walk this bit of land on August 12th and see whether the calculator had worked and if the poor pheasants had all got the message and hidden themselves away. I MET a lot of grand people during the weekend, including a man who will be a Tory candidate for a seat next time round.

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An extremely pleasant person, as it happens, without many illusions about the fight ahead of him. He was very funny about some of the Conservatives' battle plans and advice on how to implement them.

Reward Yourself

Tories are being urged to get into public debate and sparring matches with sitting, MPs so that they will have high profiles when the time comes and people will know who they are on polling day. This is the message delivered by the party's chairman, Brian Mawhinney, and not a bad idea, he thinks, but not strictly useful in his own case where the sitting member is actually a Tory, and a barney between hopeful incomer and respected resigning incumbent isn't necessarily what they had in mind.

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During the conversation he happened to mention that he was pleased that the law against stalking had been passed. One of the number went ashen, the blood literally drained from his face. When he was told that it was only women, he recovered his colour and his good humour and saw his future as nature intended it to be.

Two young people came in, a lot of leather jacket, much nose jewellery, a hint of tattoo, not what the house and garden owners thought of as typical Sunday afternoon tour material.

Quotes - The Official Licensing Website of Amelia Earhart

But you don't have dress code for these things, and they seemed very eager and wasn't there a hint of snobbery about their views? Why shouldn't flower lovers come in every guise? The couple had a camera with 36 exposures. All of these were used photographing the house from different angles.


It was thought that an inordinate amount of photography focused on the burglar alarm and the places one could get a foothold. But, of course, this was sheer paranoia. It's perfectly normal for people to come to an open garden and take three dozen pictures, not of each other against a background of flowers, not of any of the unusual species or of the beautifully mowed lawn Plane sailing for passengers to Prestwick Sat, May 18, , I didn't know people still did that sort of thing. Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase.

A few years ago, I had a particularly interesting episode concerning a light aircraft Cessna It was a catastrophic engine failure to be precise.

#NOt plane sailing

When someone mentioned I should write about it, I dismissed the idea, I suppose because over the years I have encountered and endured so many close calls. Stretching right back to my childhood, incidents like drinking petrol as a very young boy, just escaping being burned to death as the ground beneath my feet caved in on a burning underground fire, nearly drowning at sea when unable to swim, and falling from a helicopter seemed almost commonplace.

I narrowly avoided being cut in half by a huge bulldozer blade, was only a mere couple of seconds away from being burned alive in an armoured vehicle, and but a fraction of an inch from being crushed between two halves of a train, which left a black greasy mark across my back. Flying my Cobra glider one day, I was caught in and brought down by a thunderstorm.

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Having no option but to fly completely blind in torrential rain over a built-up area, I made a forced landing in a potato field sporting a meter-high crop. And I was once launched into the air sideways in a Discus glider, descending to earth in a horrifying crash at great speed, only to be encased upside down in the smashed wreckage.

My life has been Anything But Plane Sailing.

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