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What Can You Do With a Million Dollars?
  1. "Say No to 3" Challenge - Focus on Finances Month! - Fun Cheap or Free
  2. Most Expensive Useless Things Millionaires Spend Their Money On
  3. Find great resources and learn how to love better.
  4. At the end of the day, we not only didn't DIE from it…we were better off because of it.

It gives us a chunk of cash that everyone — no matter how much money you do or don't make — can use to better their lives, or the lives of others. I talk about this in-depth in my Budget Boot Camp program, but I'll briefly emphasize it here as well. I can't stress how important it is to do spending freezes — OFTEN — when you're trying to get your finances in order especially.

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But even when your finances are doing well, you should do them too! When your money is flowing, is when people tend to get lazy or careless with their money and spending, and dig themselves into a hole that is hard to get out of. So maybe you don't have to do them every month, maybe every other month or every quarter.

But if you were to do one per month and you should, if you have debt or need to build up your savings! You could have Christmas completely paid for with just two spending freezes. I hope you enjoyed the freeze and will say no to 3 things this week as well! Remember to participate on social media with the hashtag FocusOnFinancesMonth.

I will be personally interacting, and might even be giving some fun prizes away throughout the month! Our brand new site is dedicated to helping you cook delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly meals for your family without slaving away in the kitchen! Basically every parent's dream, right?

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    "Say No to 3" Challenge - Focus on Finances Month! - Fun Cheap or Free

    Ramit only gave you a small insight into the lives of his friends, it is really impossible to make any rational argument about their contributions to society. Please take the flame elsewhere. Ramit — excellent piece. This really creates a framework to help me get off that gerbil-wheel this year. Tropical I think that your argument is missing the very valid point that there is a clear line between living in comfort and living in luxury.

    I think of it sort of like the cost of admission at a theme park- you have the base price of your ticket, which grants you access, your basic rides and whatever- and then you have money you spend on top for cotton candy and tshirts. But the bottom line is everyone still has to pay to get in. Thanks for the interesting post. You are a good writer, but I would dissuade you from using so much profanity.

    I think that you will find that it alienates much of your audience and distracts from your point. What is ironic about this statement is that anyone shopping at Walmart is condoning outsourced sweat shop labour. Does it give you satisfaction buying a pair of cheap shoes a little child slaved over for your benefit? I have 3 stories of my own that make me wish for a pipe and a tweed jacket. The Scavengers: A certain group of people I know believe in acquiring not always buying everything second hand.

    Their reasons for this range from the 3 Rs of environmentalism, a belief that many things were made better in the old days, artistic sentimentality and pure frugality.

    Necessary Expenses: Co-op fees and utilities—so hardly any to eat into an entertainment budget Assets: art school degree, household and repair skills that negate any reliance on service occupations. Liabilities: below average immune capabilities, bad attitude towards traditionally viable lifestyles, expensive chemical tastes. Necessary Expenses: Rent, utilities, food, private school bills Assets: friends in high places Liabilities: hardheadedness, odd debt like parking tickets and fees for squatting and bank fraud, inability to get a bank account, above doing basic household and repair tasks, poor health.

    Most Expensive Useless Things Millionaires Spend Their Money On

    Assets: Youth, good attitudes, work benefits, low cost of living in the area Liabilities: pain associated with lifestyle, commute, I hate to say it kids. You may want to check out savemoneycanada. I think I know what Ramit is saying…. I have become a slave of my money. I dont seem to be enjoying my money. I hate what I have become.

    Find great resources and learn how to love better.

    I pick up furniture from dumpsters. I think I need help. I live like crap! I am embarrased at inviting people over coz my apartment has cheapo stuff. I do agree with the point that sound personal finance is not about living like a monk all your life. By the latter I mean considering how your spending and consuming reflects your values, how it effects your relationships, and how it may be disguising your feelings about yourself.

    Ramit, I agree completely. I pay a small amount of my income Ramit, I agree completely. However, me and my fiancee love to cook, so people would probably gag if they saw our grocery bills. However, we have chosen to live with a smaller apartment than what we can afford, spend more on high-quality ingredients, and save for retirement.

    While i do agree with alot of what you are saying in theory be aware of where you money is going i wonder how you would suggest someone who does not make six figures find realistic ways to save. I am a Phd student and i make under 20, a year after taxes yes even poor students get taxed. In the end, I cut corners so that at the end of each semester i will have 5 dollars instead of negative in my account.

    And then i come to realize that at this rate i will be 30, finally getting my first job, and literally have 0 dollars to my name. They cry about excess and unreasonableness, as if they know. Cristina Post 45 , it sounds to me like you are already investing in your future… by working on your PhD.

    Kudos to you for getting the education. It will pay you in dividends soon enough. Great Post, I just subscribed to you blog. I am moving to San Francisco or Berkley in the coming month as well. I still think waste is wrong. I forget that when I think of how little money I make. The reason can be a. There is violence and usurpation of wealth. There is a currency system fault. Basically they should mention the redemption formula. After visiting many third world nations and even living in one for a while, I can say it is tough for me to justify spending that much on dinner and drinks.

    Other people need money A LOT more than I do but it is okay for me to spend it on meaningless purchases to make myself happy? Retirement is not the only way to pay yourself in life. There are so many other things a person could do with extra income besides rampant consumerism: owning your home outright, saving up seed money for a business, donating to charity… some of these things might make a person MORE happy than owning a pile of merchandise. So many expenses rent, health care, food simply do not work as a constant percentage of salary.


    Great post. For me I like to spend my money on travelling and on eatting fine meals. Those are things that I take into account with my budget and refuse to live without. They all work their asses off. I was making over six figures at age 23 at a hot Internet company. I had it in my budget and still maxed out my retirement accounts and things like that.

    Then things changed. The economy changed.

    At the end of the day, we not only didn't DIE from it…we were better off because of it.

    Internet companies were laying people off and I was a victim. I had enough to pay off the car, but not enough to fund any retirement accounts or any future savings. I had an emergency fund, but by the time I got back on my feet it dwindled. So I have to points of caution for these people.

    Words of Caution for the Novice

    I realize they might be smart people and have great degrees. I hope these people are prepared for this scenario. Otherwise, they switch some of their luxury item for freedom, something that many people would do. These people sound like they are very smart, very organized, and have a plan put together. Circle all the items on the first list that you desire less than something on the second list.

    Circle all the items on the second list that you desire more than something on the first list.